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 Film productions will remain paralyzed at the very least until mid-May

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Image of Batman and the Batmobile in The Batman (2021)

All these days the main news from the series and movies are related to the great slowdown that there is due to the pandemic, and in all aspects of our lives, we just look at when everything will end and our lives can return to normal. . In that sense, Variety has published an article in which he points out that the situation for the big Hollywood blockbusters will continue like this for the next few weeks or even months.

According to the sources of this medium, most of the studios would already be telling their teams that they do not expect the productions to start again until mid-May at the earliest. At the beginning of all this, many studies hoped to be able to return to work in April, but it was too optimistic a scenario, even for some experts, May would also be very optimistic, because in large production sites, such as New York, it is planned that the peak of the pandemic is reached in late April.

Studios will not be able to return to work until local governments lift bans on meetings of more than 10 people. A source believes that the first films to resume production will likely be the ones being shot in the United States itself, as the idea of ​​shooting abroad would present too many logistical challenges given the global nature of COVID-19.

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Superhero movies like "The Batman" They have been directly affected, but also the Marvel Studios series for Disney + or the CW series that make up their Arrowverse.

Obviously all this turns the entire planned calendar upside down. Not only release dates, but also the actors' own agendas, who will see that there is an overlap in the filming of their films, something that cannot happen, and therefore projects will have to be prioritized.

As for the pre-production movies that have not yet started shooting, from movies like "Uncharted" to others directly related to the blog, such as "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness", continue to maintain their filming start dates (June), and Variety even reveals that the pre-production of this Doctor Strange film would have already begun remotely.

Picture of Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange in Doctor Strange (2016)

Via information | Variety

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