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Federico Cesari, from Skam to The war is over has the right face to be your new crush

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It is practically impossible that you have not noticed it, but in the doubt that it has escaped you we present it to you: Federico Cesari is the actor of the moment that you can see simultaneously on Rai Uno in the role of Gabriel in the fiction War is over but also in streaming on Netflix, in the cult phenomenon SKAM Italy.

He has made films, fiction and TV series since he was 10 years old and Federico Cesari today is a veteran of the small screen, with a past in the cinema together with directors such as Pupi Avati. But not only: in his spare time between one set and the other Federico is also trying to take home a degree in Medicine, a tough plan that does not knock him down even if his rising career keeps him very busy. Federico, but do you have any defects ?!

Who is Federico Cesari

The war is over photocall

Federico Cesari at the presentation photocall of La Guerra is over, airing from 13 January 2020 on Rai Uno.

Mondadori PortfolioGetty Images

Federico Cesari made his debut at the age of 10 at the cinema: he did it in the Pupi Avanti film Dinner to make them known, therefore a start with a bang even if he was very young, then continued on the set of the fourth season of The Cesaroni. You will remember it since then, but in reality he jumped from one set and the other, from Federico Moccia to successful fiction like Don Matteo is All crazy for love 2 until the arrival in SKAM Italy.

From Martino di SKAM to Gabriel de La Guerra is over

Just with SKAM Italia by Tim Vision, which from January 2020 you can watch streaming on Netflix, Federico Cesari has exploded: the series is a real cult, a worldwide phenomenon that is thrilling kids from all over the world and which reverses the clichés of teen drama in favor of a more spontaneous direction and stories in which it is easier to identify oneself.

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Martino Rametta in SKAM Italia he is the protagonist of the second season: his character has to deal with the discovery of his homosexuality, his first loves and the prejudices of others. A role that is very close to his heart and for which he has become very famous, especially among the SKAM fandom who is very fond of the series (Netflix for this affection has renewed it for a fourth season).

And the consecration? From 13 January 2020 he arrived again on Rai Uno with the fiction The war is over, which recounts the Second World War just before the 2020 Memorial Day: Federico Cesari plays Gabriel, a difficult Jewish boy who, however, hides his true strength and the desire to start again in a concentration camp in his past.

Needless to say, even in this role it has won over critics and audiences: since you can enjoy it in double version – the historical and dramatic one on Rai Uno and the more pop one on SKAM streaming on Netflix – why not take advantage of it?

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