Fate / Stay Night: Heaven's Feel III debuts at the top of the Japanese box office, the numbers

Good first for Fate / Stay Night: Heaven's Feel III – Spring Song, the last chapter of the film trilogy adapted from the homonymous visual novel by Type-Moon. The film premiered on August 15 in Japan, immediately taking first place at the box office and recording almost 500 million yen in receipts in the first weekend.

As reported by Kogyo Tsushin and Eiga, the film would have sold around 270,000 tickets between Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 August, collecting a total of well 474,890,600 yen (just under € 4,000,000). This is the best opening ever for a film in the saga and a personal record for the boys of Ufotable, although presumably the new film by Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba to be released in October will also be able to repeat this success.

At the moment anyway the total to beat remains that of the second film, which in 2019 managed to collect a total of 1.5 billion yen (€ 12,000,000). Considering that the film will also arrive in many Western countries, including Italy, it should be an absolutely achievable goal.

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The release date of the film was initially set for March 28, 2020, but the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic forced the studio to postpone its arrival in theaters. The first reviews of the film are generally positive, with ratings above 7.5 / 10. Dynit will confirm the release date of the film in Italian cinemas in the following months.


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