Far Cry VR Dive Into Insanity: Far Cry 3 Vaas is back in Virtual Reality, but …

There was some truth in the words of actor Michael Mando: Vase di Far Cry 3, one of the most beloved villains of the saga, is really returning. Unfortunately, not in the way many of you were hoping for.

During the Ubisoft Forward pre-show, the French house announced Far Cry VR Dive Into Insanity, a Virtual Reality experience developed with Zero Latency that in 2021 will bring players back to the Rook Islands. However, Far Cry VR Dive Into Insanity will not be usable on classic Virtual Reality devices such as PlayStation VR, Oculus and HTC Vive, just to name a few, but only at the arcade rooms of Zero Latency VR. There are 45 of them scattered in 22 countries around the world, unfortunately among them Italy does not appear to be understood.

The Far Cry VR Dive Into Insanity experience is designed to host up to eight players in large spaces, where they have ample freedom of movement. Captured by Vaas and his thugs, they will have to work together to free themselves from captivity and escape. The game mechanics are described as simple and intuitive, designed to increase the immersion and sense of discovery of the virtual world. The presentation video shared by Ubisoft (and attached at the top of this news) will provide you with a precise idea of ​​the characteristics of the game, which we hope will also arrive in Italy in the future.

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