Far Cry 6 and the multiple endings: Giancarlo Esposito reveals details on the story

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During an interview granted to HypeBeast after the reveal trailer of Far Cry 6 at the Ubisoft Forward event, the actor Giancarlo Esposito who will play the dictator Anton Castillo has revealed important details on the history of the next chapter of this iconic shooter series.

The Far Cry 6 villain interpreter explained that he had to shoot several sequences for "make multiple takes for different endgames", thus suggesting an aspect of the main campaign of the blockbuster FPS that had not emerged during the last Ubisoft digital show, or the presence of the multiple endings and one branched narration.

Always according to what Esposito explained during the interview, the world of Far Cry 6 "It's more complete because you, as a human being, can make a decision about what happens to Anton Castillo, it's a new world and it's fantastic to be part of it. The authors of Far Cry 6 let me know that they were big fans of Breaking Bad, and it certainly would have been more worrying to know that they weren't because I didn't want to play Gus Fring again. So when I heard about this new character, I thought there is this little island nation that refers to the Latin America and Africa that allows me to differentiate my character and make it unique compared to what I have done in the past ".

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L'Far Cry 6 release is scheduled for February 18, 2021 on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Google Stadia, but also on PS5 and Xbox Series X with free updates from the respective current-gen versions. Have you already read our preview of Far Cry 6 curated by Francesco Fossetti?

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