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Fans believe Jenni Rivera didn't die and a YouTube channel gave her away

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7 years after Jenni Rivera's death, a controversial theory about the Diva de la Banda resurfaced.

Twitter user @eldivandeivan revived a theory that indicates that Jenni Rivera did not die, but is now a witness protected by the FBI.

And not only that. This theory would indicate that Jenni had to change her identity to protect herself from the death threats she received from alleged members of criminal organizations.

Given this possible theory, Jenni would have changed identity, place of residence and name, and some users of social networks believe that ‘La Diva de la Banda’ now took the identity of a youtuber?

In the same tweet, the user showed some videos of the youtuber with his cooking channel and yes … The voice is very similar to that of the band singer.

Another thing that attracted attention was that in this channel you can never see the face of the influencer, a fact that made it stronger that this theory is real.

No trace of the channel

As soon as the Twitter user referred to this theory and shared some cooking videos, the YouTube channel disappeared … As you read it!

IcookUcookWeallcook #Spanglish screenshot

However, here we could find another video where you can listen to the youtuber with a voice very similar to the Diva de la Banda.

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