family will be very important to Darkwing Duck

We said goodbye to Darkwing Duck in the new trailer for DuckTales, a historical character who will have a great role in the third season, also due to some family ties with other ducks.

Much of the series is about expanding the world of DuckTales, not only with cameos but with the world of the McDuck family, so it seemed like the right time to see how the world of Jet McQuack will grow, bringing these new characters to the stage. ” said Frank Angones a SYFY.

In the new episodes it will be given in fact plenty of room for Darkwing, Jet and Ocalina, since the intent of the producers is to also focus on the characters from the Disney Afternoon programs.

That of Darkwing Duck is the story of a father, a daughter and Jet, and how they manage as a family. It is very important to understand that without Ocalina and Jet, Darkwing Duck would revolve around his useless self-centeredness. The gist is right there: a girl who becomes a heroine and a hero who becomes a father, and I think it’s very important to have this adoption narrative which is about trying to find a family in the most unlikely and unexpected situations“.

As always, there is always more to duck cartoons and comics than meets the eye. All that remains is to wait for the arrival of the third season also in Italy to find out how the legacy of DuckTales will be managed.

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