Fallout 76, Season 2: Ranks can be purchased from Day One

Fallout 76 season 2 has started and apparently Bethesda has decided to change its approach towards microtransazioni.

The team announced that in the second season of the post-apocalyptic universe will be possible pay to advance in rank in the new Armor Race SCORE battle pass right away. Climbing a rank costs 150 Atoms, which is equivalent to an expense of approximately $ 1.50. Of course, you can also advance in the ranking by playing normally and completing the new challenges introduced.

This choice constitutes a clear change of direction from the first season, which did not allow players to increase their rank through payments for the first two weeks after launch. A measure that aimed at put users on an equal footing starting, but which seems to have now been abandoned.

The second season of Fallout 76 stages the battle between Armor Ace and his Power Patrol and the Subjugator, flanked by the army of Red Vipers, and tweak some game mechanics, such as enemy level, which will now scale dynamically depending on the player’s experience. We remind you that on the pages of Everyeye you will find the entire 2020 Roadmap of Fallout 76, with all the events and improvements planned for the game during the year.

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