Fallout 76: Patch 17.5 and new double EP event coming up next week

There are still several weeks to go before the launch of Wastelanders, the new free expansion of Fallout 76 which will introduce human non-player characters and more.

The team is hard at work on the added content, so theupdate 17.5 expected on February 25th it will be small in size, on the same line as that of mid-January. It will contain some invisible changes in preparation for Wastelanders and some improvements dedicated to stability. Bethesda has assured that after the publication of the expansion it will return to publish regular and more full-bodied updates, with new content, improvements and troubleshooting.

In return, it will be launched a new double EP event which will take place from 18:00 on Thursday 27 February at the same time as Monday 2 March. Players can take advantage of this to level up twice as fast in Adventure, Nuclear Winter or Private World modes.

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We also report that the company will be in Boston for the Bethesda Game Days of February 28 and 29, during which participants will be given the opportunity to try Wastelanders. The team members, for their part, will go on stage at 20:00 on Friday 28 February to talk about the expansion and news that will introduce. Among them, we remember, there will be the Marauders and Settlers factions, the Allied characters, an improved interface and new locations such as the Underground of Watoga.


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