Fall Guys: The latest patch introduces new options and fixes team games

During the evening, a new update of Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout which bears the title to version 1.06. The update in question, which was supposed to make its debut next week, was anticipated by the developers but arrived without one of the promised features.

In fact, it seems that the possibility of finding a friend immediately in spectator mode is coming with the next update and that it requires some additional tests from Mediatonic. All the other features promised in recent days are instead present in the patch, which finally fixes the annoying problem that allowed the game to start team challenges with teams composed of a different number of players. Among the other innovations we find the possibility to customize some settings related to the commands on PlayStation 4, the fix to various problems that caused the game to crash and a series of changes to Jump Showdown e Slime Climb to prevent players from taking advantage of some bugs.

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Before leaving you to the tweet of the developers with the complete changelog, we remind you that Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout is in the pipeline on smartphones, but exclusively in Chinese territory thanks to Tencent and Bilibili.


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