Fall Guys: the colorful party game inspired by battle royale arrives in August on PC and PS4

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During the Devolver Direct event that showed the first gameplay scenes of Shadow Warrior 3 and unveiled the sparkling Devolverland Expo project, MediaTonic announced the launch date of Fall Guys on PC and PlayStation 4 with a trailer full of scenes of game.

Fall Guys was presented at E3 2019 and promises to offer us an experience battle royale extremely eccentric, and not only from an exquisitely graphic and aesthetic point of view.

Unlike the other exponents of the genre, in fact, Fall Guys is a full-blown party game which uses the modern battle royale language to offer us multiplayer lobby challenges for up to 60 players. Each race features rounds in a crescendo of chaos between bizarre obstacles and veined fights platform elements.

Thanks to the presence of an advanced physical engine, the MediaTonic project foresees full challenges originality, in addition to the inevitable competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes which will help further expand the range of options available to enthusiasts.

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Without delaying further, we inform you that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will be available from August 4 this year on PC and exclusive console on PlayStation 4.

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