Fall Guys: server on tilt for too many accesses to the Mediatonic party game

The guys from Mediatonic confirm the fears of those who, taking advantage of the launch and arrival of Fall Guys for free on PS Plus, are trying to access the multiplayer sector of this sparkling party game. Due to the large influx of users registered on both PC and PS4, the game servers went haywire!

Trying to ease the tension of the moment, the Mediatonic social team shared a message on Twitter in which he apologized to the community for the inconvenience caused by the fall of the Fall Guys servers, remembering that he had jokingly "anticipated" these problems with a post shared this morning to celebrate the beyond 120,000 users connected simultaneously to the game.

Also through their official social profiles, the Mediatonic authors have reassured the fans and explained to them that they have activated themselves for "strengthen the server infrastructure, but there is still work to be done to improve things". At the time of writing, the Fall Guys multiplayer features seem to be slowly returning to normal, albeit with disruptions related, for example, to delays in synchronizing progress.

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Waiting to offer you the latest updates on the status of the Mediatonic party game servers, we refer you to our guide on Fall Guys controls. Also on these pages you will also find a guide on how to obtain Crowns in Fall Guys.


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