Fall Guys, MediaTonic before the battle royale: 130 games created by the team

Fall Guys is one of the revelation games of 2020 and will soon be inaugurating its second season of content. However, this lucky party game is not Mediatonic’s first project, which has developed around 130 titles since its foundation.

In an interview granted to colleagues from PC Gamer, the founder of the software house Paul Croft explained how the development of Fall Guys it would have been impossible without the experience accumulated by the studio over the years, starting from their first successful project: “our first big result came with Amateur Surgeon. It was a great time for us. The game gained tremendous resonance online and was a game changer for the studio to create original Mediatonic titles that weren’t porting or commissions from major brands.“At the time, the development studio’s clients included the likes of Sega, Disney e Bandai Namco and the team even worked closely with Square Enix.

We were in the period when games on social platforms exploded” dice Croft: “we went from flash games to making titles for MySpace and Facebook, up to consoles and iPhones […] we have always tried to make choices that were sustainable for the company in the long run“. Given the experience of Mediatonic in the scope social media, it is not surprising that the studio gave birth to a title like Fall Guys, specially designed to go viral quickly. Speaking of Fall Guys, the idea was born in 2018, when the game designer Joe Walsh proposes the creation of a battle royale based on the formula of a television show, specifically we are talking about Takeshi’s Castle. In this regard Croft stated: “We liked the idea right away and in a couple of weeks we had the first concept ready, which at the time was borrowing a lot from Takeshi’s Castle“.

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The formula undoubtedly had great potential but the success of the final product still took Mediatonic by surprise and Croft himself confirmed that the reception dedicated to Fall Guys was surreal for them. In any case, the party game still seems unstoppable: have you already taken a look at the new features introduced with the latest Fall Guys update?


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