Fall Guys free with PS Plus at launch: the team aims for the Rocket League effect

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Following the announcement of the inclusion of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout in the free PS Plus game line up in August 2020, the MediaTonic title attracted a lot of public attention.

To surprise was the decision by the development team to land in the catalog of the service starting from the day of the launch of the game, expected for the August 4. In fact, since Day One, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will be fully redeemable Free by all players PlayStation 4 subscribe to the Sony service. What are the reasons behind this choice?

The developers of. Have recently discussed it Mediatonic during an AMA session (Ask Me Anything) held on Reddit. During the discussion, the team said Sony was pleasantly impressed with Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout when it was introduced to it. The possibility of entering the PS Plus catalog was defined by one of the authors as an "dream", for several reasons. On the one hand, the team hopes that this will help them reach a wider audience than they could have done on their own. In addition, MediaTonic hopes this may imply heavily populated game servers since Day One, a definitely important element. Finally, the software house expressed the hope of being able to replicate the "Rocket League effect": even the game had in fact landed in the Sony service since the launch day, later gaining an incredible notoriety.

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In closing, remember that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will also arrive on Steam on August 4, helping to expand the line up of new PC games in August 2020.

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