Fall Guys and the war on cheaters: new bans are coming for unfair users

Fall Guys continues its war against cheaters and MediaTonic he plans to redouble his efforts to spoil the party for dishonest players ahead of season 2 of his party game.

On the social channels of Fall Guys, the folks at MediaTonic again apologized, assuring that they solve the problem arising from the cheating it is a priority to study and to be working to counter it. Previously, the developers had already explained that they would take drastic measures to combat this phenomenon and it seems that in the coming weeks the detection system of incorrect users, in order to ensure a clean debut for the second season.

According to what we read in the Tweet below, the update will arrive in a couple of weeks and will implement the same sistema anti-cheat used by Fortnite. Fall Guys is now one of the revelation games of 2020 and with season 2 at the gates, the software house is focusing on creating a game environment free from cheaters, as evidenced by the waves of bans in recent days. In order not to encourage this kind of behavior, MediaTonic has urged players not to share videos or images that show unfair users in action and not to report them, since the model currently used by the game works in automatic way, banning cheat users at the end of each round.

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