Fall Guys: A bizarre level full of Mediatonic jellies has been found

Imagine you are quietly waiting to start a new game in Fall Guys, you are relaxed and are preparing to compete against dozens of other players, as usual.

The problem is that when the level starts you find yourself surrounded by a host colored men lying on the ground, apparently lifeless, all bearing the logo of Mediatonic. This is the scene the streamer witnessed PrinxessTI, who immediately documented everything by carrying out several screenshot.

The captured images were reported to the guys from the software house, who initially responded by declaring that they were working to solve the problem. However, shortly afterwards the confession appeared on the Fall Guys Twitter account: there is a small chance that at the beginning of each round the player will be catapulted into a special level full of Mediatonic jellies.

At this point, you may be wondering why. The reason, according to the developers, is very simple: “we just wanted to get some advertising cheeky“. In short, this is yet another deliberately bizarre Fall Guys find, even if in the tweet we read that the possibility of ending up in this strange and disturbing level is extremely low and most players will never see it. We take this opportunity to remind you that Season 2 of Fall Guys is upon us and will bring with it many new features.

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