Falcon & Winter Soldier could introduce the X-Men Thunderbolts

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Just a month ago, new images of the filming of Marvel's Falcon & Winter Soldier, one of the multiple UCM series that will be exclusive to Disney +. And, in one of them, you could see details that foreshadowed that the X-Men would be introduced into the UCM from it (or at least, that there would be indications of their existence in the series). Now, a rumor speaks directly to us about the possibility of also introducing the Thunderbolts.

The information has been disseminated by expert and influencer Daniel Richtman (we via Full Circle). According to him, Disney + will introduce its own version of the Thunderbolts at UCM through that series. Come on, that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier could be your catalyst, so that they enter the scene.

In fact, we already know that Barón Zemo will be in the series. And, after all, he has been a member of many different versions of the team, so this could explain why Kevin Feige and Marvel have chosen to bring him back. According to Richtman, that could mean that we will see other antagonists of previous Marvel movies in this series.

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Now the question will be … which of the comics team members could take action first? There, Richtman says that most likely, we will actually see familiar faces of the UCM first, with villains like Abomination or Justin Hammer. Logically, converted into Thunderbolts. Concept that in Marvel comics implies that we are talking about redeemed villains.

From there, the rest are theories. One of them tells us about the possibility of Baron Zemo himself forming a group of "villains." Although it can not be ruled out that it is Secretary "Thunderbolt" Ross who gathers them, as Nick Furia did with The Avengers. Could they end up filling the gap left by the Avengers in the future? We'll see that.

Source: Full Circle Cinema

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