Fairy Tail: a cosplay of Lucy Heartfilia overflowing with the Italian Soryu Geggy

Hiro Mashima is a mangaka who gave birth to Fairy Tail in 2006 in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine. Even after more than a decade, the now concluded manga and the corresponding anime are still vivid in the minds of fans. Everything is due to the story but above all to the characters, in particular to the protagonists Natsu and Lucy.

It seems a long time ago Lucy Heartfilia, a sorceress of the stellar spirits, met Natsu and joined the Fairy Tail guild. Together, the duo has been through a lot of hardships overcoming every obstacle between evil wizards, tournaments and enemy guilds, as well as epochal disasters. During the history of the manga and the anime, Hiro Mashima has focused a lot on Lucy, giving her both suggestive clothes for every occasion and exploiting her for moments of fanservice.

Let’s see a Captivating Lucy Heartfilia cosplay made by Italian cosplayer Soryu Geggy, aka Eugenia Bellomia. The girl had already brought a Bulma cosplay from Dragon Ball and an explosive Tifa Lockhart cosplay from Final Fantasy, while now we see in the photo below the Fairy Tail wizard with a white and blue blouse, brown belt, blue skirt and long hair blondes that frame the figure. What do you think of this cosplay a tema Fairy Tail?

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