Facebook buys Giphy to integrate their gifs into Instagram

The surprise of the week arises just on the last business day: this Friday Facebook has announced that it buys Giphy, the popular platform for creating and distributing animated gifs. And the reason seems to be very specific: Facebook wants the platform to be integrated within Instagram.

If Emoji became commonplace in chat conversations, the same is happening with animated Gifs: attaching a moving image is an expression of feelings, ideas, and wishes. that a simple emoticon does not offer. And there is a service as popular as it is simple when it comes to sharing Gifs: Giphy. You will have used it on Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram. Given its ubiquity, it’s no wonder that companies like Facebook itself were behind Giphy. Until the purchase arrived.

Facebook would pay $ 400 million for Giphy

The news is official since it has been announced by Facebook itself on its blog: the company takes control of Giphy while maintaining the intention of integrating its Gif system on Instagram. We still do not know well how this integration will be since Instagram has long offered the possibility of sending animated gifs in private messages; in addition to being able to attach them to the Stories, but the safest thing is that the application offers more direct access to the insertion of Gifs without going through the Giphy interface.

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The purchase price has not yet been confirmed by Facebook: according to the Axios portal, Zuckerberg’s company would have paid $ 400 million to take over Giphy. The acquired company will continue to offer the same service as before and will also maintain public APIs. In addition, users can continue uploading our own Gifs, everything will remain the same. At the moment.

Google made a similar move in 2018: it bought the Gifs Tenor platform

Despite the shocking news that the purchase has produced, it is not the first move in which a large technology company takes over a Gif provider: Google bought Tenor in March 2018. With the purchase Google improved the insertion of Gifs on the Gboard keyboard, something that will surely happen with Instagram and Giphy: it will be much easier to insert animated Gifs in the stories or send them by private message.


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