Facebook already allows you to export all your posts to Google Docs, WordPress or Blogger: this is how it is done

In mid-2018 Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter joined forces to create a cross-platform data transfer system, a system that would later be joined by Apple. This union has already begun to bear fruit, as evidenced by Facebook’s option to transfer all photos to Google Photos or Apple’s system to move photos from iCloud to Google Photos, and now Facebook has taken a step further.

Zuckerberg’s company has announced through a publication on its official blog that, from today and globally, it is now possible to move all the posts and notes published in a profile de Facebook a Google Docs, WordPress o Blogger. Doing so does not delete the original posts on Facebook, as these will be saved in our account.

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This is how Facebook posts are exported to other platforms

As we indicated previously, Facebook allows us to move the publications and notes published on our Facebook profile to Google Docs, Blogger and WordPress.com. To do this, you simply have to go to Facebook and follow the following route. You can also access the tool directly from this link:

  1. Little arrow in the upper right corner> “Settings and privacy”> “Settings”.
  2. Access “Your Facebook information”.
  3. Select “Transfer a copy of your information”.
  4. Select “Publications” or “Notes”.
  5. Choose the platform. Currently only Google Docs and WordPress appear, but not Blogger.

Once a platform has been chosen, you will simply have to authenticate in it and proceed to send. For example, if we choose Google Docs, we will have to log in with our Google account. The transfer process may take a while.

From Facebook they warn that all publications created by the user will be transferred, but not those made in a group, on a page or created by a friend. That includes, for example, a friend’s comments on our posts.

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