Fabio Rovazzi: who is the interpreter of Death in Call of Duty Warzone

Starting today 8 September, Activision’s battle royale sees the arrival of a new operator, called Death, made using the features of our Fabio Rovazzi. We discover the origins of Rovazzi’s character and the path that led him to become one of our most multifaceted and popular artists.

Fabio Rovazzi was born on 18 January 1994 in Milan, the city where he grew up and, as a boy, he began to collaborate with some artists and personalities of music, among which J-Ax and Fred De Palma stand out. In 2016 his first single was released, Let’s go to Command, which immediately depopulated above all on YouTube, collecting millions of views in a short time (to date there are 182 million) and becoming one of the most known and long-lived summer hits of recent years, up to obtaining a platinum record. Also in 2016, his second single was released, entitled Tutto Very Interesting, while the following year it was the turn of Volare, produced in collaboration with that Gianni Morandi.

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Thanks to the success of his musical pieces, Rovazzi gets some in the following years leading roles on the small and big screen, arriving to conduct programs of the caliber of Sanremo Giovani and Quelli Che Il Calcio and acting in some Italian films. On the stage of the Ariston he then went up in 2019, bringing his performances live to Sanremo with Andiamo a Comandare and all his other singles.

Thanks to his interpretation of the Italian operator Death in Call Of Duty Warzone, Fabio Rovazzi also takes his first steps within the videogame world, and who knows if this is not the prelude to a much longer and more successful path also in this medium .


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