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Ex On The Beach, ready for the dating program with Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser?

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Ex On The Beach, the dating program on MTV (Sky channel 130), is returning in great dusting and with a good news: the conduction in pairs of Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser, two who with reality shows, see under Big Brother Vip, have a good confidence. Every airs Wednesday from January 22 to 22:50 and to tune in, you should put yourself in the right mood. Sit comfortably and reflect on this principle: our past does not always have a friendly face. In fact, sometimes it has a face that you wouldn't want to face, that of your ex. Now try to imagine if one of them suddenly came back to you brought by the waves of the sea like a Disney mermaid. How would you react? Here, now you are finally ready to know all the details of Ex On The Beach. And you are also ready to know – SPOILERONE! – all the competitors of this second edition, including the one nicknamed Pussydestroyer.

Ex On The Beach, Ignazio Moser and Cecilia Rodriguez

In the previous edition to the conduction of Ex On The Beach – The revenge of the ex there was Elettra Lamborghini, who for 2020, however, drew up new projects, including his participation in Sanremo. The sexy heiress, in fact, gives way to Ignazio Moser and Cecilia Rodriguez, a couple who trained in front of the Big Brother Vip cameras in 2017.

To find out more we went directly to the press conference to present the program and here we tell you something, directly with the words of the protagonists. First of all, the two conductors, so high as to give you a stiff neck, they exchanged glances of love, joking about marriage (which is not on the program) and making fun of each other. More Ignazio Moser on Cecilia Rodriguez let the contrary be said. Ignazio Moser is a very kind guy, thanks everyone and is always ready with a joke that puts people at ease. Things between them are booming and, given that the program about ex also evokes a bit of jealousy, Cecilia Rodriguez was clear on that "I'm not jealous. She would die before starting the program". Belen Rodriguez's sister is a nice girl in a very natural way and next to Ignazio, who is more ironic and balanced on the bars, she is perfect and wonderful. For Sergio Del Prete, SVP Editorial Content ViacomCBS Italia, the new VIP couple is the right opportunity to have two different perspectives, male and female, that tell the feelings, in an ironic and fun way. Ignazio Moser already knows that Ex On The Beach is preparing to be a program suitable for all ages "It goes well from 14 to 70 years old. means the grandmother of the 14 year old) ". Cecilia Rodriguez, in response, he showed his appreciation of his trust with a nice "Apperò", an expression that we would have used too. LOL.

We from Cosmos, on their backstage report, we tried to deepen with an interview to understand if any couple bickering was born during the recording of the 10 episodes. We are curious and Ignazio Moser is someone who is always playing problems. He told the anecdote:

"Once Cecilia had to say a sentence in English, but something simple, which hooked on a longer joke of mine, like a minute and a half. I said it, then she came and wrong her. I replied, and then she she was still wrong. In the end she was reduced to one word, but the same was wrong, something like 50 times. I asked to change the roles and she got a little offended. Oops. "

We took the opportunity to understand if at the bottom of the empathy that has been generated between them and the competitors, there were some of them experience from ex. Ignazio Moser said:

"Great ex I haven't had any. However, an ex always leaves a mark, and with the competitors it is understood that it is a destabilizing presence. The ex in the program does not arrive immediately: they let you vent and then when you have found your balance in that situation, they send you with your leg outstretched. No matter how strong and solid you are, a reaction sets you off. Seeing the ex with another or another is a problem. "

Cecilia Rodriguez on the topic ex boyfriends is more determined:

"When I close a story, there is no return. They only make you messy, because they were people you loved."

Then we tried to understand something more about competitors, from their point of life:

"Some have fun in a linear way, others freeze and do things they wouldn't do in normal life, because you're a bit under pressure and over the top there. Some have been able to manage the moment of fun in a normal way, others haven't. a little less time will be a lot of fun. "

Ex On The Beach competitors, from Matteo Diamante to Sasha Donatelli

The mechanism of dating show Ex On The Beach it's simple: there are 7 singles, 4 women and 3 men, gathered in a wonderful place that can only instill feelings of love and fun. While they are there that they enjoy it badly, suddenly and without them being ready, their horizon appears (literally) ex boyfriend, brought directly by the waves of the sea, much because sooner or later the storm corresponds to the calm. For the 2019 edition Ex On The Beach had like location Thailand. For 2020, however, the dream place is a fantastic villa in Andalusia, Spain, which acts as the perfect stage, with its beaches and clubs, to hot moments.

THE single which the program starts with Daniele Tosto, Denise Rossi, Fabiana Barra, Klea Marku, Lucrezia Borlini. The lenders will join them Matteo Diamante is Sasha Donatelli. For now, we have only a few previews about the conductors Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser, who have Klea, Lucrezia and Daniele as favorites. To present them, with their strengths, however, we would also like to rely on the official descriptions: they are so juicy.

Daniele, from what they tell us before we see it on TV with our own eyes, he has a powerful physique, but it seems that after all he is a puppy with a cream heart that is well loved by everyone. Also thanks to what Ignazio Moser called his "lethal weapon", that is a sort of upside down at 360 degrees (will it be possible?), Which shows off his musculos. He proclaimed himself "Pussydestroyer" and we are already feverishly waiting, because, come on, he knows a little bit of huffing, or not ?!

The "pussy destroyer" has the task of welcoming the other competitors to the dream mansion. In order they will arrive KleaRoman hairdresser with a contagious laugh but a sharp tongue Lucrezia the "crazy barbie" who occasionally (it seems!) loses control, Denise the "princess" or the "dead cat", who seems not to like so much to many of the people present in those parts, and Fabiana, a chick who has a very rebellious spirit. Always what the advances say.

They will be joined by two singles ready to do anything to destabilize the balance: Sasha, model, actor, but also singer, who initially seems to arouse the interest of some of the girls, and Matteo, which, in his own words!, had "300-400 girls" in his life. Vabbeh, it's nice to have free time to cultivate relationships, or not ?!

Former-on-the-beach-2020-Ignace-moser-cecilia-rodriguezStefano Righi | www.stefanorighi

We are already in the headphones and with alert eyes for the ex who will arrive in Ex On The Beach Italy and to find out all the social cases among the competitors. Slurp!

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