Evoland 2 for Android: varied and fun role with many references to classics of the genre

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Evoland is a role-playing game with many references to other classics such as the Final Fantasy saga, Legend og Zelda or Dragon Quest. Several years after the first Evoland and after its arrival in iOS it landed on our favorite operating system: Evoland 2 is available to download from Google Play.

We are facing a sequel that wants to replicate the great success of the first part. They offer us a Adventure RPG with more than twenty hours of gameplay and new references to all types of videogames sagas.

Innovative game modes and a multitude of styles

Evoland Gameplay

The most interesting thing about Evoland besides its style are the game modes. We are not facing a role-playing game and it is that we can combine scenes with 2D graphics, three-dimensional parts, Street Fighter-style fights, first-person action games such as Call of Duty or even HearthStone-style card games . A mixture of styles combined perfectly and that will appear progressively to try to fight against monotony.

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Evoland 2 is one of those Android games that has a high cost, but it's definitely worth a try. Its creators, Playdigious, have optimized the title for NVIDIA processors and we also have support for external adapters via bluetooth.

If you dare and want to play some games to Evoland 2, the game is available on Google Play at a price of 7.99 euros, and is one of the titles that never usually falls from the list of Selections of the publishers of the Android apps and games store. A single payment, without integrated purchases or ads.

Evoland 2

Evoland 2

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