everything you need to know about THAT ending and the new enemy

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The Umbrella Academy 2 ended with amazing twists, second only to those of the previous chapters. In the last few bars we have seen the Hargreeves pupils deal with new, mysterious enemies, which could be the deadliest ever faced: to know all about them keep going beyond the jump, but watch out for spoilers!

In the final of the second season of The Umbrella Academy the protagonists "returned to the future", but if everything in 2019 is as we know it today, for them everything has changed: the Umbrella Academy no longer exists and in its place stands the Sparrow Academy, new organization founded by their "adoptive father" Reginald Hrgreeves.

The young Sparrow are boys born, like the Hargreeves, on October 1st 1989 and who they hide as many amazing powers. In fact, on that fateful day 36 children were born, but Reginald chose only 7 for his original team: why has he now adopted other boys? The explanation may lie in the family reunion that took place in 1963, during which the eccentric millionaire would have re-evaluated the choices of the future himself after meeting his "children". All unless Ben who, being a ghost visible only to Klaus, will be one of the lucky prodigy children to be (re) adopted a few years later.

In Gerard Way cartoon from the first pages one wonders what happened to the other special children, while the series Netflix has completely bypassed this problem by rebootting the whole universe. Likely, the Sparrow will be the main enemy of season 3, which we remember has not yet been confirmed, and will also be an active part of the pages of the same Way, who recently announced that the fourth volume of the comic will be called just Sparrow Academy.

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"This is a great revelation in the Umbrella Academy universe, something that had been secret for a long time"said Way". The protagonists will find out the truth about what happened to other children without their knowledge, as well as discovering the true nature of some characters who have been with them since the beginning"This confirms that the members of the Sparrow Academy were born on the same day as those of the Umbrella Academy, but it remains to be seen whether the cartoonist and platform projects will follow the same path, being the original comic still in progress: it will be a Fullmetal Alchemist situation or will follow the example of Martin and the game of Thrones weblog HBO?

To the microphones of Digital Spy the showrunner Steve Blackman revealed that regardless of future narrative choices, the Sparrow Academy "it will surely shake things The Umbrella Academy should breathe a sigh of relief, but given the situation for them the work is not yet finished. Not only these people who introduce themselves as Sparrow Academy have taken their place in the world, but the same Hargreeves is still alive and shouldn't be".

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