Everything we know about season 3 of 'The creepy adventures of Sabrina'

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(Hail Satan, save 'spoiler'! This article contains information that can take you to hell itself if you have not finished watching the second installment of 'The creepy adventures of Sabrina.' season 3 arrives warm …)

The end of 'The chilling adventures of Sabrina' part 2 left us an existential void deeper than the location of hell itself. For those with short-term memory, those who saw all the chapters on the same day of premiere on Netflix or simply those who want to remember everything that happened: Lucifer Morningstar (aka Satan, the King of hell) rose from darkness to Greendale in his human form – and what a human form! – to make his DAUGHTER queen Sabrina, and together rule planet Earth. The consequences? Lucifer ended up captive inside the body of Nick Scratch, Lilith crowned as Queen of Hell, taking the young man to it, and the prota swearing at a table in the library of Dr. Cerberus that would bring her boyfriend back.

Although we do not get dramatic because today we come with good news. Ready? Drum roll … We finally know the Release date of Season 3 of 'The Creepy Adventures of Sabrina'! Netflix He has confirmed it via Instagram and it's the January 24! But, in addition, we have a new trailer!! Just taken from hell itself for you, along with new images of the delivery that will calm the internal fire that owns you called ‘hype’.

The new trailer for season 3 of ‘The creepy adventures of Sabrina’ before its premiere

Sabrina is going to spend a lot of time in hell since, to save her boyfriend, she will have to become the queen of it before and accompany her father on the throne of the underworld. In addition, the future of the coven of his family and even that of Greendale will be in his hands. You have enough homework for this part 3!

Aspects we want to highlight from these images:

  1. We have felt a ‘crush’ with Caliban and we just hope it doesn’t get out of hell much because the heat is rising!
  2. We love the couple moment of Harvey and Rosalind and Theo and their new boyfriend.
  3. We are sure that the Spellman sisters will demonstrate the great powers they possess and will be the architects of the city's salvation.
  4. Can we start ‘shippear’ to Ambrose and Prudence now?
    1. Here we come from the darkest shadows to tell you EVERYTHING we know about the season 3 from 'CHAOS'. That is not little. And all frames and questions that will be solved in this third part of the Netflix series. Praise be Sabrina!

      Everything we know about season 3 of 'The creepy adventures of Sabrina' !: release date, plots, new characters …

      Release date?

      After much waiting, we finally have confirmed the release date of season 3! It will be Friday January 24, 2020. Courage, there's only one week left (and subtracting) for it to arrive! You do not notice at all the desire we have, right?

      At the beginning, we thought it would be released during the month of October, Y the fourth during the spring 2020. But the creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacase He told The Wrap that it was very unlikely that she was ready for Halloween: "I currently don't know. I don't think we're ready for Halloween. We're writing chapter 8 and rolling on 6. We're going very fair."

      The trailer for season 3 of ‘The creepy adventures of Sabrina’

      With this amazing trailer in the form of a music video, we can see that Sabrina's only goal during season 3 will be to rescue her boyfriend Nick from hell. A lot of bloody and horrific adventures await us!

      The protagonist is at the gates of the underworld and seems to become the queen of it, with the sole purpose of saving her boy there, who is chained. In addition, we can also see how Ambrose and the Fateful Sister continue with their mission to capture the Father Blackwood; as the witch's friends form a musical group; and another scene that has left us very intrigued: hundreds of undead in front of the Spellman's house. For what purpose? Have you escaped from hell? We will have to wait for January 24 to arrive. Although we are nowhere to make a pact with Satan himself – yes, it seems that Luke Cook will return – to see the first chapter before its premiere.

      The poster of the third season of ‘Sabrina’

      Witch Spellman is ready to become the official "cheerleader" of hell, since now we have no doubt that the whole season will take place there. Can we scream now? BECAUSE WE ARE ALREADY SCREAMING! We even noticed the heat of the underworld …

      Season 3 and season 4 confirmed

      All right! Although this is not the only good news that comes to us from Greendale, sincethere is also a fourth confirmed! Each part will consist of eight chapters. What it means, 16 more chapters of 'Sabrina'insured.

      First images of part 3

      Thanks to this Instagram post, we have reached various conclusions. The first, that we have suffered a ‘crush’ and his name is Caliban. Afterwards, we really want to see the reunion between Nick and Sabrina, and the possibility of having a new ‘shippeo’: Ambrose and Prudence. Then, we want to see the prota in her role as a cheerleader. And finally, that we are dying for all the new plots!

        In addition, through a secondary account of the platform (@netflixqueue), we have also been able to see some images, behind the cameras, of what awaits us in this new season. Sabrina and her friends Harvey, Rosalind and Theo, they will be more united than ever and we bet that they will carry out together the mission that the witch has planned. In addition, we have also discovered some secret of the series like the wig that wears Kiernan Shipska to play the protagonist. January 24 is coming or we will have to go look for you to hell itself.

        The plots of the new season

        As Seventeen reported under a Netflix statement:

        Part 3 begins with Sabrina in shock because of everything that happened in season 2. Although she defeated Lucifer, her father, he is still trapped inside the human prison that is now her beloved boyfriend Nick Scratch. The witch does not feel good about herself knowing that her boy is suffering from the sacrifice she made, burning in hell under Madame Satan's gaze. So, with the help of his mortal friends Harvey, Rosalind and Theo, they will carry out a mission in order to free him from his eternal condemnation and bring him back to his arms. However, Satan's empty throne will make Sabrina sit on him to play 'Queen' and defend him from a new opponent to him: the attractive prince of hell Caliban. Meanwhile, in Greendale, a mysterious Carnival will be held, bringing with it a threat to the Spellman and the coven: a tribe of pagans seeking to resurrect an ancient evil …

        My mother, we can only say one thing: COME NOW! LOW FRAME WAIT US!

        Season 3 cast (and details on the three new characters)

        As we have seen in the video published by Netflix, no one is missing! Sitting around the table are Miranda Otto (Aunt Zelda), Lucy Davis (Aunt Hilda), Chance Perdomo (Cousin Ambrose), Gavin Leatherwood (Nick Scratch), Ross Lynch (Harvey), Michelle Gomez (Professor Wardwell / Queen of Hell), the Fateful Sisters, Luke Cook …

        The Creepy Adventures of Sabrina Season 3 Premiere

        Diyah Pear / Netflix

        (Allow us a moment to 'ship' to Nabrina, thanks).

        Also, we know there will be THREE new characters. Not one, not two. Three!

        Under these videos posted by the official Netflix series account, we have been able to meet the new inhabitants of Greendale and hell. We present them!

        • The first one that appears is Sam Corlett and will interpret Caliban, the Prince of Hell. As we told you, it will be Sabrina's direct competition to reach the throne and, thus, save her beloved Nick Scratch. Although, obviously, there will be ‘feeling’ between them. We don't blame him, he's so cute!
          • Skye marshall will be Mambo Marie, a voodoo priestess who will have a very important role in the mission of Prudence and Ambrose to catch Blackwood. Of course, it has a secret that will take us to discover …
          • Jonathan Whitesell will play the role of Robin, a very sweet boy who will arrive in the dark town on the occasion of Carnival and will have a sentimental story with Theo. That is, we have a new partner in the series!

            Will any character die?

            Surely you've ever asked yourself this question when thinking what will happen in season 3 of 'The creepy adventures of Sabrina'. Well, we have the answers and you won't like anything. It turns out that it is very very likely that one of the Spellman die Give us a curse to us, the person responsible for this data has been the creator of the series Roberto Aguirre-Sacase and an Instagram post.

            As you can see, it is a pretty scary frame (what a novelty!) Of the new installment, where a woman dressed in black is seen in the forest. As the legend says:

            "A scene from yesterday's recording of 'Sabrina'! The 'dread banshee' has arrived but what will Spellman die?"

            For your information, the 'dread banshee' are mythological women who appear singing when someone is going to die. Ahem. Call it 'spoiler' or 'hype', but we only hope that, yes Hilda has revived the murders of Zelda hundreds of times, now don't kill any member of the Spellman family.

            Everything that happened in the recordings

            Kiernan Shipka, the actress who plays Brina, recorded this video on the first day of season 3 of the Netflix series and published it on the official account of the series (@sabrinanetflix).

            But it was not the only one. We have also been able to access another in which he was having a pipe mounted on a broom.

            The recordings take place in Vancouver, where they will film the two new deliveries of the pull. The third is already finished and they are in full production of the fourth.

            The unanswered questions left by season 2 ‘Sabrina’

            Take a seat, because all the unknowns with which the Season 2 finale of 'The Creepy Adventures of Sabrina' They give for a lot.

            The main and most important: bring back to Nick scratch. After all the initial shock of finding out that Sabrina is the daughter of Satan, who was in love with the witch's wizard and boyfriend, and ending the two boys in hell, we are dying to know what will happen. Because … Nick can't die … right? #Crying.

            But season 3 is conflicting for Sabrinto. Remember that all this tragic outcome was unleashed because the witch fulfilled all the necessary prophecies (resuscitate someone, suicide, return the sight of a blind man …) to become a Herald of hell and unleash the apocalypse. Lilith he returned his powers but, what will happen to this facet of the witch and the energy he managed to have? Will he be half witch again, half mortal?

            The chilling adventures of sabrina season 3 premiere

            Diyah Pear / Netflix

            Also, the story that her parents died in a plane crash is nowhere to catch her and we are sure she will try to find out everything about her past.

            On the other hand, Prudence and Ambrose they are totally convinced to end the Father Blackwood, which has fled from the Church of the Night With twin babies. Will they find and destroy him?

            And now it is Zelda Spellman the one that has proclaimed itself Priestess and will have to carry out the School of the Hidden Arts. Will it follow tradition or reform it completely?

            Not to mention that hell doesn't have a king, but a queen, Lilith. How will you manage it now that you have the crown?

            The chilling adventures of sabrina season 3 premiere

            Diyah Pear / Netflix

            Season 3 locations

            After the security he demonstrated Brina in the last chapter of 'The creepy adventures of Sabrina' ensuring that he would bring back his boyfriend of the hell Regardless, it is easy to guess that we will obviously spend a lot of time there!

            In addition, the creator of the Netflix series confirmed it for the portal The Wrap: "I can say with total certainty that we are going to hell, yes. We are going to hell and it will be fun, dangerous, but very fun."

            We will continue to report!

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