Everything we know about Rosalia's mysterious collaboration with Omar Ayuso

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This is an open letter to Rosalia, author of songs such as ‘Malamente’, ‘Millonària’ or ‘Yo x ti, tu x mi’.

Dear, how to tell you this … What you just did should be considered a crime typified as "hype" too! We were so calm, settling in our minds all this repertoire of hits – look that ‘With Height’ it cost us not to start poking every time we listened to it -, so that now you arrive and release us like that, without more, than one of our ‘Elite’ favorite characters He is involved in your new musical project. Yes Yes. We talk about Omar Ayuso and from your last post on Instagram.

Obviously, after knowing this news, social networks are completely revolutionized before such a possible collaboration? new song? Cameo of the actor in his new video clip? If you have not given us more clues!

However, we have begun to set up our own films and theories, thanks to the fact that they have provided us with the title of, what will be, their new project: ‘I swear that’. We do swear that we are going to become so mad that we can think what these two can be up to.

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Rosalía and Omar Ayuso together: what do they plot with ‘I swear that’?

All indications suggest that Omar Ayuso participates in ‘I swear that’, but what we still do not know is how he does it. Maybe with his presence in the video or even be encouraged to give voice to some of the stanzas of the lyrics. It could even be this new song in the soundtrack of the third season of ‘Elite’! Luckily we have Twitter to represent the nerves that run through our body before so much tanto hype ’.

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