Everyeye.it looks for new newsers and authors of guides for the Videogames area

Everyeye.it selects new interested collaborators to expand the staff of Video Games section: specifically we are looking for newsers and authors of guides and mini guides, below all the details.

Search Newser Video Games

The work takes place remotely (under the supervision of a manager) within some predefined time slots, according to the availability and needs of the editorial staff. It's a freelance job. Currently the search for a new video game newser is concentrated in these two time slots:

  • every evening from 20:00 to 24:00 (Monday / Friday)
  • every afternoon from 18:00 to 21:00 (Monday / Friday)

The role includes research, insertion and translation of news related to the world of video games: new trailers, sales data analysis, new releases, rankings, rumors, curiosities and more. The possibility of moving on different shifts if necessary is not excluded. In addition to the knowledge of the Italian language and the world of video games, a good writing and translation skills are of fundamental importance. To participate in the selection you must send at least 5 news items, of not less than 200 words, complete with titles and related links to the original source. Indicate the time taken to write each news.

Research Authors Guides and Mini Guides

The authors will have to devote themselves to the production of guides and tips such as: guides to better manage finances, solve puzzles, choose the most suitable character for your needs, better know the maps, characters, weapons and perk, etc etc. The mini guides are shorter texts published on a daily basis and generally dedicated to single topics of one or more games (weapons, armor, easter egg, guide to dungeons and unlockables, generic tips, tricks).

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For the role of author of miniguide daily availability is required from Monday to Friday, times are flexible, the possibility of producing content also on the weekend is appreciated. If you are interested you can send your application, in addition to the curriculum vitae, with any guides (more than 300 words) or mini guides (about 300 words) already made, accompanied by links to the original source, to check the quality of any translations.

In both cases the collaboration is paid, the details will be discussed with the candidates privately. The contents must be original and written entirely in your hand, the address to send material and application is [email protected]

Please note – Given the high number of requests, an immediate response to all candidates is not guaranteed. We will evaluate the profiles at the time of need and we will keep your application in the archive ready to be consulted in case of need.


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