Ernesto Valverde: "I don't think about whether I have been unfairly treated by Barcelona"

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The former coach of Barcelona, Ernesto Valverde, he assured this Thursday in Bilbao, in his first public appearance after his cessation in Barcelona, ​​that training Athletic has been "the best" he has done and that he has found in his career, but has ruled out returning, because the future of club rojiblanco "goes through young coaches that are emerging in Bizkaia", among which Gaizka Garitano, Andoni Iraola or Joseba Etxebarria has stood out.

Valverde did not want to 'get wet' about whether he was unfairly treated by the Football Club Barcelona. "The moment you sign the contract you know that you are at the height of your popularity in Barça and from there it depends on how the results go. We know how this is. I don't think about whether I have been unfairly treated or not. What is at the end is to turn the page. I'm interested in looking forward, not backward. "

After acknowledging that since leaving Barcelona he has not seen "too much football", but has tried to "put a little distance with everything that is going on," he said he had been "a little pending" yesterday's semifinal match yesterday Cup between Athletic and Granada, because "in the end it is a semifinal of the Cup, and there has been a great opportunity" for Athletic "to be able to reach the final and win the title, and there is a lot of expectation." "I thought that Athletic was going to make the second goal, and in Granada it will be a complicated game", he has predicted.

As he has acknowledged, the only match he has seen "complete" in Barcelona after leaving the club was the quarter-final Cup in San Mamés. In that sense, he said that "all coaches have a hard time seeing the teams you have been in, and what you are trying to do is generate a little distance." Ernesto Valverde has assured that "all clubs leave their mark", but training Barcelona has been "incredible luck, I will not deny it."

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Regarding the national league championship, Valverde is quite clear that it would have been a beautiful battle to live it until the end. "I was excited that I could win LaLiga, although Madrid is strong, very focused on LaLiga. His coach (Zidane) said at the beginning of the season that his priority was to win LaLiga. "

As he said, he has not been "so long without training" and has not decided anything, although he does not close the door to return to training outside of Spain. "I like doing weird things, I would like to go to Australia, have some strange adventure, because football is ending and you have to think that you have to live in strange places, "he said, to remind Andrés Iniesta that he is in Japan.

As for the best moments of his career, for Valverde, winning the Super Cup with Athletic "was a lot for us, especially because of the feeling that Athletic had been a long time without winning anything, and that trophy meant a lot." "It meant a lot to everyone, I'm also from Athletic. I have won in Barcelona and Greece, but Athletic is special", has manifested.

Asked if he would like to return to Bilbao, Valverde recalled that he is 56 years old and has indicated that "there are new trainers." "Now he is training Gaizka Garitano, who is from the 70s, and there are young coaches who are arriving from the 80s, like Andoni Iraola or Joseba Etxebarria. I have already been in Athletic and it is time for all these people and Athletic's future goes through them or any of the other young coaches that are emerging in Bizkaia, "he said, to acknowledge that he had decided, once his stage in Barcelona was over," to stand for a while and take some time, but we'll see. "

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