Epic Games Store will exclusively publish Fumito Ueda, Remedy and Playdead games

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Although in the past he assured that his exclusivity policy would be slowed down as time went by, Epic Games continues to sasapland really powerful contracts in this regard.

Today, we have learned that the Playdead games (creators of LIMBO and Inside), as well as those of Remedy (Alan Wake, Control …) and those of the current studio of Fumito Ueda (the creator of ICO, Shadow of the Colossus) , will be exclusive to Epic Games Store in compatible. Here we tell you all the details.

For starters, we have to say that this distribution agreement involves the creation of a new label: Epic Games Publishing. It is a brand that will not only be in charge of editing the video games themselves, but will also 100% finance the projects of these companies. In addition, it will do so maintaining a distribution of the benefits of 50% for each one.

Thus, both Remedy and Playdead and gen DESIGN will be the first studios to be part of this new label. Anyway, looking at the conditions, it would not be anything unusual for many others to end up joining the project in the future. In addition, today we have already told you about Remedy's plans, which involve the development of two new games. One of which is a great triple AAA.

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So far, the games that will be part of this new brand have not been announced, beyond what we know about Remedy, but how the project will work has been discussed. And according to Epic Games, studios will have full creative freedom and full control over the rights of the games they develop. In other words, IPs will continue to be from these studies. Something really interesting, facing —for example— the continuity of sagas we already know.

In addition, when we have commented that Epic will finance the games, it means that it will do so with each and every possible cost. This includes not only workers' wages, but also marketing expenses. In addition, Epic Games has also confirmed that all games arriving under this seal will be cross-platform. That is, they could also reach consoles. Finally, they have invited us to be attentive to their official channels; Soon they will share new information about it.

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