Epic Games Store integrates keyless purchases with third-party platforms

For some time now, it is possible to buy games from the Epic Games Store from third-party platforms. That is something that users had been demanding since the launch of this platform. However, by doing so we received a code that had to be redeemed later in the Epic launcher. Similar to what happens on Steam.

Until now, when it has been announced that the store will integrate keyless purchases with third-party platforms. That is, it will be possible to buy games on sites like Fanatical, Humble Bundle (this was already possible), or Green Man Gaming without having to go through it. Instead, the game will be registered directly to our Epic Games Store account.

As reported by Gamesindustry.biz, Green Man Gaming, Fanatical, and Genba Digital have registered to offer keyless purchases through selected partners. As we said, the Humble Bundle case is slightly different. Basically, because they have been supporting this functionality for a year.

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In any case, through this method, Epic Games will not receive any distribution of income from the purchases. Here’s what Steve Allison, general manager of the store, has said about it: “We are delighted to continue to expand our partnerships to enable keyless purchases with third parties. Continuing to look for ways to support developers and offer them ways to reach a broader audience, all while receiving a fair share, is important to us.”.

Anyway, if you want to buy directly from the store itself, remember that right now some real scandal sales are taking place. Basically because, to the discounts themselves (which reach 75% in many cases), we must add the possibility of applying a coupon that Epic is giving away and that discounts another 10 euros more to the final price. The discounts will be available until June 11, 2020.


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