Engage Kiss Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Based on a story by Fumiaki Maruto, the romantic comedy anime ‘Engage Kiss follows Shuu Ogata, the proprietor of a private military firm in Bayron City, a city famed for delivering a pleasant and opulent lifestyle to its citizens because of a recently found energy source.

Despite running a successful side company, the young demon exterminator needs aid from his demon business partner, Kisara, to make ends meet. The two of them labor together on domestic concerns in addition to protecting the city against demons.

Shuu and Kisara learn the hard way that battling demons has enormous human costs. The program, which is produced by A-1 Pictures, will serve as the basis for a mobile game dubbed Engage Kill. Fans are eager to hear more about the show’s comeback after season 1 ended, despite the fact that critical reception was divided. If you’re wondering the same thing, worry not; we’ve got you covered.

Engage Kiss Season 2 Renewal Status

There has been no confirmation either way, but Season 2 of Engage Kiss will most likely be renewed. The program has received positive reviews from critics and is widely considered to be among the finest of the season. However, there are whispers that Season 2 may not happen.

Engage Kiss Season 2 Release Date

The release date for Engage Kiss Season 2 has not yet been announced. The release date for Season 2 of Engage Kiss is set for 2024. Perhaps, like the pilot, it will be made available on Netflix. What happens next will be revealed in due time.

Engage Kiss Story

Demons have suddenly begun appearing in Bayron City, a man-made island in the Pacific Ocean close to Japan. The municipal government employs PMCs whose mission is to hunt down and destroy demon-like creatures known as “D-Hazards” while keeping their presence secret from the general populace.

Throughout the story, protagonist Shu Ogata manages a private military contractor (PMC) named I&S Office. Differing from other PMCs, Shu’s single employee is a demon girl called Kisara. Kisara is hundreds of years old, yet she looks like a young girl, and her fighting skills are top-notch. Kisara appears to have feelings for Shu, therefore she works hard to provide for him, despite the fact that he does not work and is always short on cash.

Despite his strong friendship with Kisara, Shu regularly seeks out the assistance of Ayano Yugiri, an ex-girlfriend. Until their split and Shu’s departure from AAA, Ayano and Shu worked together at the same PMC under the name “AAA Defender Co.” Despite Ayano’s protestations that they are no longer together, she helps Shu out whenever she asks.

It would seem that Shu is a hopeless case who relies on the support of two ladies to make ends meet. But he has lofty ambitions: he wants to find out what happened to his parents and sister during the D-Hazard episode many years ago.

Engage Kiss Cast

  • Shu Ogata Voiced by: Soma Saito (Japanese); Howard Wang (English)
  • Kisara Voiced by: Saya Aizawa (Japanese); Kayli Mills (English)
  • Ayano Yugiri Voiced by: Lynn (Japanese); Suzie Yeung (English)
  • Sharon Holygrail Voiced by: Rumi Okubo (Japanese); Anairis Quiñones (English)
  • Kanna Ogata Voiced by: Akari Kitō (Japanese); Lisa Reimold (English)
  • Akino Yūgiri Voiced by: Akeno Watanabe (Japanese); Dawn M. Bennett (English)
  • Miles Morgan Voiced by: Kenichirō Matsuda (Japanese); Bill Butts (English)
  • Tetsuya Mikami Voiced by: Yoshiaki Hasegawa (Japanese); Mark Whitten(English)
  • Shenhua Hachisuka Voiced by: Aya Uchida (Japanese); Courtney Lin (English)
  • Linhua Hachisuka Voiced by: Saori Ōnishi (Japanese); Abby Trott (English)
  • Mikhail Hachisuka Voiced by: Ryōta Ōsaka (Japanese); Beau Bridgland (English)

Engage Kiss Season 2 Plot

In the season one finale, Kisara, Ayano, Shuu, and Sharon strive to capture a crazed Kanna. Kisara is doing her best, but she has been profoundly affected by the loss of her memories. But Kisara places her faith in Shuu, and in the end, the two of them are able to defeat Kanna. She heads to the city to combat the demons as Shuu searches for his sister beneath the rubble.

After that, they lock Kanna in the basement of City Hall and start working to mitigate the damage to the city. The two begin kissing later that night after Shuu has brought Kisara back to his place. However, Kisara quickly discovers that these people are not alone. It seems that Kanna has once again escaped from City Hall. Soon after, Ayano also shows up at the flat, and the three of them have a friendly fight as Shuu watches helplessly.

Season 2 will presumably provide viewers with more information about the demon world and explain why Kanna is the gateway between the two dimensions. Furthermore, Kisara is likely to strive harder to gain her memories back. Despite the difficulties they confront, her relationship with Shuu is expected to become deeper. Ayano and Sharon, who have become integral members of Shuu’s inner circle, will likely be given more screen time in the following season.

Engage Kiss Season 1 Rating

A show’s ratings are the only thing everybody cares about. The ratings are usually the most reliable predictor of whether or not a program will remain on the air. The greater the ratings, the more favorable the odds of survival. The show has a solid 7.1/10 rating on IMDb and a 7.40 average audience rating on MyAnimeList.

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