Endgame inspired the season two finale

The second season of The Boys has made great strides in female representation, for example giving Kimiko the care and attention she always deserved and significantly expanding Maeve’s impact on the Seven.

Many will have noticed that the controversial and explosive finale of the second season of The Boys also echoed a much discussed scene from Avengers: Endgame, only that in The Boys the women did not have a secondary role but were the undisputed protagonists.

The idea for this scene came to our executive producer, Rebecca Sonneshine “ Kripke told The Hollywood Reporter. “She was furious after seeing what happened in Avengers: Endgame. He asked me to do some satire and I couldn’t help but accept. When there is something truly ridiculous about the treatment of superheroes, stardom or Hollywood culture, you need to get a kick out of it. “

Kripke, however, does not deny his love for the Marvel Cinematic Universe: “People might think otherwise right now, but I’m actually a fan of the Marvel world. The making of the film is often flawless. I actually really like the humorous tone with which they are often written. They are quick and easy and I really like their style. “

Kimiko, Starlight and Maeve gave Starmfront a hard and violent lesson unlike the quick appearance of Pepper Potts and her companions and, after having closed the accounts with the evil Nazi, they ran to their men who simply watched the events on the sidelines.

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