EMUI 10.1 beta reaches 15 Huawei and Honor phones and tablets more

Huawei presented us with the revision of its customization layer a few months ago: EMUI 10.1, with small adjustments in the design, better performance, and very focused on cross-platform productivity. Since then EMUI 10.1 has been progressively launching in different waves of internal and open beta versions. A beta of EMUI 10.1 that now reaches 15 models plus.

Huawei repeatedly released its roadmap for EMUI 10.1 betas, although much of the deadlines have been missed. EMUI 10.1 arrives a little later than expected, but reaches 15 models of Huawei and Honor phones and tablets, the latter baptized with the name of Magic UI.

Internal beta first in China

As usual, the launch of EMUI 10.1 betas begins in China, although the beta program is expected to open soon for international terminals. New models receiving the EMUI 10.1 beta originally had it planned for late March / early April, so the update comes with about a month late.

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As on previous occasions, Huawei brand terminals will receive the update as EMUI 10.1, while Honor terminals will receive the name Magic UI 3.1, despite being practically the same. These are the new Huawei phones and tablets that have their EMUI 10.1 beta open, in China:


On the other hand, these are the six Honor phones They have opened their EMUI 10.1 public beta process, although it will come to them under the name of Magic UI 3, with the same news, optimizations, and improvements:

The process to access the betas is the same as always, through the special application for it, although it must be borne in mind that this betas program is activated initially in china and with special conditions that must be consulted in the forums. EMUI 10.1 betas are expected to arrive in global terminals soon.


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