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Elettra Lamborghini, will there be signs of love for Afrojack on the twerking queen album?

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2020 promises to be a very interesting year full of commitments, of work and not only 😍, for Elettra Lamborghini, who opened the dance with his participation in Sanremo and he shows no sign of stopping with his twerking queen charge. On the stage of the Ariston, on which she presented herself for the first time, she brought the song Musica (and the rest disappears), written by that old fox by Davide Petrella and produced by Michele Canova, another who knows how to create hypnotic rhythms that do not come off your ear even with cannon shots. The latest news is the release of his special edition album Twerking Queen – El Resto Es Nada, just the February 14, on the day of Valentine's day. And here it must be said that we cannot think that it is really the result of chance: we know very well that Elettrona nostra cares about romance and has a cream heart. But there will be songs about his love for Afrojack, if only for some hint?

Elettra Lamborghini and Afrojack, how much love will there be in his new songs?

The end of 2019, in fact, was with a bang with the announcement of the official engagement with Afrojack complete with a presentation of the brillocco that blinded you instantly. Their relationship has been going on for about two years and Elettra Lamborghini on every occasion has reiterated how well they are together ("we never fight") and how he has had the ability to enter his life "in slippers", at a time in that she was not looking for anyone and was fine as a single. The happy ending therefore seemed guaranteed and, in fact, Elettra Lamborghini and Afrojack will soon marry. TO Cosmopolitan Italy our queen of the heart has also revealed what could be the location in which to crown their dream of love: Lake Garda or Positano. We loved them right from the start, also because the story of the mignon woman with the Big Gentile Giant melts us like snow in the sun. Regarding the difference in height, Elettra Lamborghini, who is a romantic until the last hair root, said:

"It makes you feel protected."

Taken well from all this honey love, we looked for some truffle dogs clue to the history of Elettra Lamborghini and Afrojack in the new tracks that are in the special edition of Twerking Queen, the album that was released in June 2019. And some small "buts" could start here. If his life as a couple is booming, the stories he describes in his songs do not seem at all kissed by the same luck. And to prove it, just think of Music (And the rest disappears), which tells well when you try to forget yet another cabrón for which you wasted time and it was not worth it. This is not the only song that seems to go in the opposite direction to the whole heart of Elettra Lamborghini's life. With Maldito Dia, remixed by Rkomi, he curses the day he saw it, because then the passion breaks out and it becomes complicated to distance himself from someone you would like to be with but with whom there would be no real future. In Te Quemas, however, the situation improves and the text speaks of the possibility of surrendering to love, because "I'm not in the mood to get involved, but anything can happen. " Bombonerathen, it's all a love and a passion that bursts. In short, perhaps it is probable that here, even if Elettra Lamborghini is not the author of the lyrics, the story told in the songs aligns with her (happy) sentimental situation.

To close, we add that in the album there is also It won't happen again, the song that Elettra Lamborghini brought to Sanremo 2020 in tandem with M ¥ SS KETA for the evening of the duets and which speaks of a betrayal, which "will never happen again". maybe this could be superstition. Who knows.

Meanwhile we are in the headphones with Twerking Queen – El Resto Es Nada until the celebration of the wedding. Maybe listening to songs with love stories that ended badly, you end up having luck in reality. A bit like what happened to Elettra Lamborghini.

Twerking Queen – El Resto Es Nada, the tracklist


  1. TOCAME with Pitbull, Childsplay
  2. CORAZON MORADO feat. Sphere Ebbasta
  3. PEM PEM
  4. FANFARE feat. Gue Pequeno
  6. TE QUEMAS feat. MC G15
  9. FRI
  10. MALA

      3. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN Myss Keta
      4. MALDITO DIA – Remix feat. Rkomi
      5. TE QUEMAS – Remix feat. Samurai Jay & Mambolosco
      6. Bombonera
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