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Elettra Lamborghini is married to Afrojack and the announcement (of marriage) is the most romantic of the parties

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Stops all: Elettra Lamborghini is getting married! That things between Elettra Lamborghini and Afrojack they went great we knew it for some time. No one, however, had suspected that the two could be so close to wedding. And instead. The most romantic news of the 2019 Christmas holidays comes directly from the Tweerking Queen bulletin board Elettra Lamborghini, who with a sweet post announced that he had received the marriage proposal from Afrojack. The gallery on Instagram has two photos: one in which they show themselves together and the other in which the sparkling sparkler makes his dirty figure on the finger. The caption says:

"My best friend @afrojack asked me to marry him 2 days ago … He is the sweetest and loveliest person I have ever met in my life, and the only man I can truly call MAN. Every day I think about how much I am lucky to have found someone with a big heart like him, who still believes in the family and is so similar to me. People say, "When he's the right person, you feel it." I heard it from the beginning, this will be for life❤ ".

Elettra Lamborghini and Afrojack, the stages of their love story

Elettra Lamborghini, 25, and Afrojack, 32, have been dating for more than a year and their official debut did so on MTV EMA 2018 red carpet. After that appearance together, Elettra Lamborghini had left the first of the sweetest clues on her Instagram wall that confirmed her report with the deejay and producer.

Since then, every occasion has been the right one to show his love for Afrojack, an excellent life partner also for pampering.

In several interviews Elettra Lamborghini said how much the two get along, "We never fight", and how in reality a story that seems remote both easy for them to manage:

"It is not a long-distance relationship, we see each week, it goes very well: as soon as I have a free minute I go to him, he comes to me. He is always with me, I do not show him, but it is difficult to hide it. We are very well, we never quarreled. "

We recently met Elettra Lamborghini, on the occasion of the launch of the program on MTV Tweerking Queen, and we delved into something on the subject fiance. He was back in Miami, where he shares a home with Afrojack, and he told us how simple and natural it was with him, despite the fact that she does not allow new people to enter her life easily:

"He entered my life in slippers, with a plush step. I don't know how he did it, because it is difficult for someone to come in again. I wasn't even looking for him, I was concentrated in my things, I was so good, I had finished the tour" .

After Afrojack marriage proposal to Elettra Lamborghini, we can say we have our new favorite couple made up of a tall (very tall) man and a mignon woman. And yes, we can confirm that the match is a winner. The singer also said it in an interview released Say Waaad? on Radio Deejay where he talked about their height difference and the positive aspect not to be overlooked:

"The difference in height is noticeable, like I get to his belly. It makes you feel protected."

To close, we add that Elettra Lamborghini is one who, when she speaks, knows very well what she says. TO Smiles and TV Songs, on the occasion of his debut as judge of The Voice, in May 2019 he declared "Marrying Afrojack? Yes, maybe next year. And we already have the list of names for our children. Strange, not Giulia or Francesco". The promise has been kept and, indeed, 2020 has been brought forward, at least in terms of the marriage proposal. In short, 2019 ends with a bang for her. Indeed, with the brillocco.

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