Edgar Wright and his list of 100 comedies to see this quarantine

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If there is one thing we are sure of, it is that many of us need a bit of comedy in our lives these days. Fortunately, the British filmmaker Edgar Wright He wanted to help us with this and just shared a list of his 100 favorite comedies in Letterboxd. Along with this list, Wright included a legend in which you send encouragement to those affected by the coronavirus pandemic. With this, the filmmaker has wanted to offer a little comfort to those who are going through a difficult time right now due to illness and this social distancing.

"To overcome these difficult times, I send you help with some of my favorite comedies, the ones that I have enjoyed the most over the years. I could easily give you another 100, so sit back and enjoy the movies. Tell me later which ones make you laugh" .

While we did not find any of the Wright movies on his list, (remember that this is responsible for movies like 'Zombies Party (One night … of death)' and 'Baby Driver') what we will find is a series of classics that helped define the genre, such as 'The Fly Man' (1923), or tapes of the Brothers Marx Brothers like 'Goose soup' (1933) and 'The quintet of death' (1955). Movies like 'This Is Spinal Tap' (1984), 'The great adventure of Pee-wee' (1985), 'Better solo than in bad company' (1987), 'Bitelchus' (1988), 'School of rock' (2003), 'Kung Fu sion' (2004) and of course, 'What we do in the shadows', by Taika Waititi (2014).

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