Éder Sarabia: "This difficult situation is making him know how to value everything much more"

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The second coach of FC Barcelona, ​​Éder Sarabia, acknowledged today Wednesday that the confinement he is experiencing due to the pandemic with COVID-19 It is making him value much more the things that he had before.

"I go many weeks, many months and many years without living 'normal' days. Because I know that I am privileged. Y This difficult situation that we are going through is making him know how to value everything, if possible, much more; to be more aware of everything I had, and I will soon recover, and everything I have; and he is teaching me to live differently to continue being a positive, optimistic and happy person, "he said.

The second coach of the Barcelona first team wrote a letter last night to relate his day to day and today FC Barcelona published it on his social networks, accompanied by three photographs.

"The normal thing would have been to get up at 8 in the morning and have taken the car to go to the Sports City. Upon arrival, to have gone to our technical locker room and, after putting on my training clothes, to have gone up to the dining room to have breakfast There, Alicia, Julio and Iván would have given me good morning (those phenomena that serve us so well every day) and I would have met the mister with his bowl of fruit. We would have commented on something we had done on the day off ( I, surely, a good bike route), we would have remembered with affection that it was 4 years since the death of Johan (Cruyff) and we would have started talking about what we were going to do in the 11 o'clock training, "he says. in his missive.

"The normal thing would be to have a smooth session, since 48 hours of our match against Leganés would not have passed, leaving the following days to put more load and continue working on correcting and reinforcing some aspects of the game (despite not being able to count on international) and, so, give free the weekend ", continues his extensive letter.

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From then on, Sarabia sets a turning point and talks about the abnormality of his days, which have even altered the time to get up, his routines, his entertainment with the bicycle and not being able to be next to his own.

Sarabia sends an acknowledgment to those who are closely suffering "the damn virus, to those who have lost loved ones, to those who are fighting it on the front line or to those who, due to the consequences of the pandemic, have lost their jobs and do not know how it will be his future. "

"For all of them, my most sincere appreciation and solidarity," he says.

The letter continues with a long list of activities locked up at home: an online course to learn Catalan, the viewing in the afternoon "many years later, of the legendary stage of the Tour of 91 in which Indurain dressed for the first time in yellow "and his participation in the rite that takes place throughout Spain at eight o'clock at night:" go out on the balcony to applaud all those people who take care of us in these hard times and are playing, for all of us, their particular ending of the Champions "

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