EDENS ZERO: the first leaks confirm the arrival of the anime

For some weeks now, the number of rumors about an alleged animated adaptation of EDENS ZERO, the new manga edited by Hiro Mashima, the father of Fairy Tail. The first leaks of Weekly Shonen Magazine, therefore, seem to finally confirm the rumors: the anime will be done!

The same author, yesterday, communicated through his social profiles the imminent arrival of an important announcement linked to the 4 mysterious projects he is currently working on. The news in question, rebounded on several occasions by leakers, seems to finally confirm the production of the anime, although currently there is no other information on the matter. However, we just have to wait a few more days for the full release of the new issue of Weekly Shonen Magazine with all the news of the case.

In this regard, it is even EDENS ZERO anime social page leaked, the same traceable through the link to the source. Currently, the profile appears closed to the public because the official statement from the magazine is missing. For the uninitiated, the story revolves around the events of Shiki Granbell, a boy raised by his grandfather and sentient robots in an amusement park of a distant Planet. One day, a mysterious girl, Rebecca, suddenly arrives on Planet Granbell and, together with Shiki, decide to leave together on an adventure in the name of space.

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And you, on the other hand, are curious to discover this new story taken from the dad of Fairy Tail? Let us know with a comment below.


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