EDENS ZERO: Rebecca becomes a sexy kitten in the new drawing by Hiro Mashima

Author Hiro Mashima is famous in Japan and around the world for Fairy Tail, a manga published in Weekly Shonen Jump for more than a decade. Even today he is still tied to that manga, showing a lot of affection to his characters with the numerous illustrations shared on Twitter. But at the moment he is officially dealing with EDENS ZERO.

With two years of publication behind it, EDENS ZERO is gaining more and more popularity. Obviously he has already been able to get a boost thanks to the important name of the mangaka, but at the moment a video game for EDENS ZERO and above all an anime are in development that, at its release, will really make it clear how much popularity this space story with Shiki and Rebecca.

Rebecca Bluegarden is the protagonist of this story, a B-Tuber who often shows off with the public. Mashima decided to put it at the center of an illustration posted on Twitter, where Rebecca becomes a very flirty kitten. In the tweet below taken directly from the mangaka’s private account we see the protagonist of EDENS ZERO with a blue dress, hair that forms a sort of cat ears and a feline tail, as well as a bell around her neck. Even the design of the dress that reveals the breasts is shaped like a cat’s muzzle.

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Rebecca was also shown in an anime version thanks to the latest character designs of EDENS ZERO. The JC Staff anime will debut in April next year.


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