EDENS ZERO, Homura is the protagonist of the new unpublished drawing by Hiro Mashima

Waiting for the new animated season of EDENS ZERO, which will arrive during the spring season of 2021, creator Hiro Mashima has shared a splendid sketch of one of the most beloved protagonists, Homura Kogetsu.

Among the numerous characters of EDENS ZERO, one of the most relevant and prominent personalities is Homura. Over the course of the more than 100 chapters of the manga published so far, fans have been able to appreciate the swordswoman’s willingness to help anyone for no apparent reason. A student of one of the Four Shining Stars, Homura is a naive individual, but capable of great ferocity in battle, who never hides what he thinks really. This latest feature has made her one of the most hilarious characters in the franchise.

To honor the character, series creator Hiro Mashima shared on his Twitter profile an unpublished sketch where Homura is lying on the ground. The heroine will make her return in the new animated series of EDENS ZERO, whose release is scheduled for the spring season next year. The anime will be produced by JC Staff and directed by Shinji Ishihara, who previously worked on Mashima’s other work Fairy Tail. While waiting for this series, volume 7 of the EDENS ZERO manga will arrive in November with a small surprise. Previously, the Japanese mangaka had already shared an unreleased artwork of Rebecca from EDENS ZERO.

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