Dynit: on the social networks a mysterious announcement related to Conan the boy of the future appears

Reputed by many to be one of the most inspired animated series ever, Conan the boy of the future it may soon be back in a completely new look. To suggest it is Dynit, who has published a mysterious teaser image containing the logo of the work on his official Facebook profile.

For the few who don’t know him, Conan the Boy of the Future is a 1978 anime directed by master Hayao Miyazaki. With the unforgettable theme song sung by Giorgia Lepore, the series made its debut in Italy back in 1981 on various local broadcasters, enjoying great success. However, as per tradition for the time, the localization had several distortions in the names of the characters, for example Orlo was called Uro. In the series, however, there are two dubs: the first, the historical one from 1981, and a second, revised and corrected, made for the Dynit distribution in 2007.

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Following the telecast, Conan was the boy of the future adapted in various formats from various distributors. Among the best-known editions we find those on videotape, made by Dynamic Italia and Yamato Video, and those on DVD, by Yamato and Dynit.

The latter has just revealed that the work will soon arrive on the market again, probably in one prestigious Blu-ray Disc edition which will present more accurate graphic details. The hope of fans is that this new version contains both dubbing, as well as the Italian and the original theme.

Here is the mysterious announcement on Dynit social profiles. Junji Ito and Rossana are back in the latest Dynit manga ads.


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