Dynit drops the bomb: Bleach in Italian! Coming to Amazon Prime Video

Italian Bleach fans have dreamed in vain for years to see their favorite anime officially in Italy. While Naruto and ONE PIECE, main rivals of Kubo’s work in Japan, had received voiceovers with a lot of publication on Mediaset networks, Bleach he was left with a dry mouth.

The length of the anime in the following years now seemed to have discouraged the various local houses in bringing the project. And instead Dynit first launched a teaser with a mysterious orange image, and then it has dropped the bomb in the past few minutes.

On the Dynit Facebook page, with the post you can see below, the arrival of Bleach in Italy has been officially revealed. For the moment, there has been little information revealed by the Italian company, but with the invitation to stay tuned for more news. Bleach will arrive in Italian exclusively for Amazon Prime Video on an as yet undefined date.

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I Italian fans of Bleach’s shinigami can finally rejoice, considering that this year the new Bleach anime will debut in Japan with the Millennial War, the latest story arc of the manga and which had not yet received a transposition. The Bleach anime, produced by Studio Pierrot, lasted from 2004 to 2012 with a total of 366 episodes, also accompanied by some feature films that were dubbed in Italian.


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