Drew Barrymore shares a photo with younger Cameron Diaz

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It seems that it is becoming fashionable among celebrities to make trips to the past on Instagram. Before the end of 2019 we saw Penelope Cruz in her early childhood. Just after Jennifer Aniston did the same and shared a photo with her father when she was a little girl. Now that 2020 has already begun, it seems that other 'celebrities' are still following this state of becoming nostalgic on social networks. The last one was Drew Barrymore although leaving the sweetness of childhood aside and looking for an anecdote with more sense of humor.

The actress has published an image of 17 years ago in which she appears with Cameron Diaz at the time they filmed together (in addition to Lucy Liu) 'Charlie's Angels'. The first film came in 2000 and three years later the sequel did. Just from that stage is this funny photo of two of the three protagonists on the way to the premiere of their latest film together. The story behind it is explained by Drew herself in the text that accompanies the photo.

"2003 welcomes 2020 (the backstory at the moment!) It was the New York premiere of 'Charlie's Angels 2' and he had rented an old school bus with Christmas lights and hanging rubber chickens to take us there And I thought 'trust me, it will be so fun to appear like this!' And then it broke! Literally, smoke came out of the engine, and so we walked the rest of the way, but not before picking up the champagne bottles and saying 'well, this is also good' and we went to our fun evening. like two drops of water". And this is the funny anecdote that hides behind this image.

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The three protagonists of action movies are still good friends. So much that Last May they met again to accompany Lucy Liu on the day she received a star on the Walk of Fame. What Charlie has joined, let no one separate him.

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