Dreams IMPY Awards: le nomination, ne discutiamo oggi in diretta alle 17:00

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Le premiazioni degli IMPY Awards di Dreams si terranno il 26 gennaio, vogliamo cogliere quindi questa occasione per ricapitolare tutte le nomination e discuterne in diretta su Twitch. Quando? Oggi pomeriggio alle 17:00.

Obiettivo di MediaMolecule è quello di premiare i migliori creativi del 2019, dando risalto agli autori ed alle opere più interessanti realizzate con la Beta di Dreams. Di seguito tutte le nomination.

Most Helpful Dreamer

  • TapGiles
  • JimmyJules153
  • LadyLexUK
  • NeonTheCoder
  • Lucid_Stew

Best Curator

  • The_Tenia
  • Pookachu
  • GribbleGrunger
  • DiamondDiancie
  • LadyLexUK

Community Star

  • Project Genesis
  • TAPGiles
  • LadyLexUK
  • oooDorienooo
  • KeldBJones

Most Improved Dreamer

  • SdeReu & Lotte_Double
  • Appolonius
  • Keduko_

Best Visuals

  • Wolf Woods by Shandyboy1975
  • Beach by Patekkah
  • Outpost 60 by BrianTaylor60
  • Paintings by OTTOposte1
  • Pip Gemwalker by ManChickenTurtle

Best Voice Acting

  • KeldBJones – Sheriff Dog in Pig Detective 2
  • MrCaseyJones – Opposite Day 5
  • Bella_Iris – Computer Voices Collection
  • ReddishBoat – Pig Detective Halloween Special
  • Awesome_David – Witchy Woods

Best Character

  • Ruckus by Morishiro1935
  • Anastasia the Messenger Mage by Morning-Nya
  • Roger Whitebeard by PuddyDoke
  • Frederick the Fox – CodiBear8383
  • Bo by Byvsen

Favourite Streamer

  • KeldBJones
  • Aecert
  • Project Genesis
  • Gribble Grunger
  • Inelious

The Aww-ward

  • Colour with Crayons by MarmiteForMe
  • The Reach by Ryan47
  • Fuzzy and Snowflake by Grumpypickles5
  • Duet by Byvsen
  • Rainbow Coast by DigitalThing

Funniest Creation

  • Witchy Woods by Awesome_David
  • Opposite Day 2 by MrCaseyJones
  • Dating Friendbot: The Survival Horror Experience by Frostadoodle
  • The Classical Order by sdcxsfd
  • Pig Detective: A Little Trouble in Little Cologne by Sde_Reu + Lotte Double

Best Song

  • PG x JD – Spravade by PGray_Official
  • Bees in the Boathouse by JayYoder & AyeWilder
  • Riviera Daylight by Mandelbo
  • Matte. by DisarmedX
  • You and I, All Night by MaJiCkAlOne

Best Sculpture

  • Dragon Showcase by Gauffreman
  • It’s A Sunset Lookout by ItsDig
  • Captain William Stone by MAC-Seventeen
  • The Snaggs Head by MadGFX_Snaggs
  • The Collector 2 by ryan47
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Best Animation

  • Duet by Byvsen
  • Seventh Doll Machina by BukkoroChan
  • Topher Thebes and the Enchanted Crystal by VerbalCreative
  • Radical by TheOneironaut
  • Fuzzy and Snowflake by Grumpypickles5

Best Gameplay

  • Deepest Dungeons RPG by Daniel-Hamster
  • Divide by Deimatic
  • Cubric by the_burgervan
  • Art Therapy by KeldBJones
  • Scavenger by Robinabcstu

Best Narrative

  • The Starbrushed Peak by Mandelbo
  • Trace of Time by FeyzPS
  • Pig Detective 2 by SdeReu & Lotte_Double
  • Mimeo Prophecy by raz0rbackzwei
  • Day by Day by GentlemanTom

Hidden Gem Dream

  • Chrono Shot: Infinite by RadishLord
  • Tactics 100 by Aecert
  • Zdex – Temple of Flies Part 1&2 by ZakYeL_
  • Do Robots Dream of Electric Imps by SlurmMacKenzie
  • Fin by Fleckromancer

Best Sound Design

  • The Ornithologist’s Private Collection by Mattizzle1
  • Turbulence by sanderobros
  • The Backrooms by Syntronic_
  • Great Job, Human by the__burgervan
  • Pig Detective 2: Adventures in Cowboy Town by Sde_Reu + Lotte_Double

The Wish I Had Thought of That Award

  • Player Piano Player by Enigma_0123
  • Functioning Move Violin by TannicAlloy
  • The Gate by ruolbu
  • Alex’s Nightmare by SlurmMacKenzie
  • Living Clock Screensaver by Agarwel

Hidden Gem Creator

  • The_Tenia
  • Chellssey
  • Appolonius
  • ORD6
  • Mattizzle1

Dream of the Year

  • Topher Thebes and the Enchanted Crystal by Verbal Creative
  • Wind-Up by Fireburn02
  • Mimeo Prophecy by raz0rbackzwei
  • Ruckus: Just Another Natural Disaster by Morishiro1935
  • Pig Detective: Adventures in Cowboy Town by SdeReu & Lotte_Double
  • Pip Gemwalker by ManChickenTurtle
  • Opposite Day 2: Regular Day by MrCaseyJones

Creator of the Year

  • DisarmedX
  • SdeReu + Lotte-Double
  • SlurmMacKenzie
  • MrCaseyJones
  • DiamondDiancie10

Per saperne di più vi aspettiamo oggi alle 17:00 sul canale Twitch di, discuteremo apertamente delle opere e delle potenzialità di Dreams, in arrivo in versione definitiva il 14 febbraio su PlayStation 4 e PS4 PRO.

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