Dreams: Guide to game controls and in creative mode

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The new Dreams of Media Molecule puts a powerful editor in the hands of the players. To help you make the most of it right away, we offer you the list of controls game and in creative mode, so that you can consult them at any time.

Dreams includes several tutorials with all the explanations necessary to understand how to take advantage of its powerful editor. At the beginning, however, you may find it difficult to remember the control scheme. To meet you, below we list the Dream controls in game mode and creative mode.

Dreams game controls

The ones listed below are the Dreams in controls game mode, to be used while playing one of your creations or with those of other users:

  • Left stick: move / move the owned object
  • Right stick: controls the camera
  • Circle: lay the object / back
  • X: skip / select
  • Motion sensor: move the imp icon on the screen
  • Options (hold): recent imp
  • Options: main menu / pause
  • R2: own / interact with the object (using the imp)
  • Square: access the editor

Controls in Dreams creative mode

The controls listed below, however, will be used when you are in theDreams editor, while working on your creations:

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  • Square: open / close the menu
  • L1 + Circle: exit the editor
  • X: select the options menu
  • Triangle: delete object
  • L2 (hold): rotate object
  • R2 (hold): move objects (press halfway to push the object)
  • L1 + R2: clone object
  • D-Pad Up / Down: resize object
  • D-Pad Left / Right: undo / restore
  • L1 (hold): strafe
  • R1 (hold): move camera relative to the object

As you take your first steps in Dreamstherefore, we recommend that you keep this guide handy, so that you can easily consult the controls at any time. Especially when using the editor, where it may be difficult at first to remember all the commands precisely.

You are having fun with the new creative tool from Media Molecule? Did you know that the PS Plus is not necessary to access all the online features of the title? To learn more about the game, we refer you to our review of Dreams.

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