Dragon Ball Z: Videl puts himself to the test in the new Moneecastro cosplay

There are few female fighters in Dragon Ball and those included are mostly present in the latest sagas, that of Cell and that of Majin Buu. The first saw the introduction of android 18, while the final phase of Dragon Ball Z introduced Videl, a pretty sixteen year old daughter of Mr. Satan, a student in the same school as Gohan.

Initially in Dragon Ball Z Videl shows up with pigtails, then cutting his hair at Gohan’s suggestion. This has sparked the split among fans, but it seems that many of the cosplayers prefer Videl with long hair. In addition to Samy Rianne’s Videl cosplay that we presented to you in recent months, along with many others, Moneecastro also certifies that the most loved version of Videl is the one with pigtails with another cosplay.

Using both a video and a simple photo, Moneecastro shows his followers and Dragon Ball Z fans what his Videl cosplay with pigtails. In the first post we see the classic video that has gone viral lately, where Videl’s green shoe triggers a transformation and the beginning of cosplay. In the second post there is a photo with Videl outdoors and with a dragon ball in his hands. How about this real version of Gohan’s wife?

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