Dragon Ball Z: Videl becomes provocative and sexy with the new Fabibi cosplay

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One of the few warriors introduced in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z was Videl. In fact, Bulma never had a strong passion for fighting, while Chi-Chi became marginal after a while. Only with C-18 did we see the female presence in the world of battles, which then intensified precisely with the daughter of Mr. Satan.

Videl will immediately attract Gohan's attention and the two will then enter into a romantic relationship. At first the girl introduced herself, in the Majin Buu saga, with two pigtails framing her face. The girl, after a few episodes of Dragon Ball Z, changed her look by presenting herself with short hair, a choice that then sparked several discussions among Dragon Ball Z fans.

According to some, the version of Videl with long hair is prettier than the second, and is the one chosen by the cosplayer Fabibi. After introducing us to his Bulma increased, Fabibi then returns to the world of Dragon Ball Z with a sexy and very provocative Videl cosplay. Taking as a basic scene some illustrations made by the fans, the girl dresses Videl's white T-shirt with the Satan High logo and the classic tight shorts. Needless to say, there is no shortage of black hair gathered in the two pigtails on the sides of the face. A Videl cosplay without a doubt not bad.

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