Dragon Ball Z: Vegeta, Nappa and Radish get back together in this fan art

One of the series of Dragon Ball that fans have loved more than the others is certainly that of Dragon Ball Z. A series that has been able to enchant generations of kids all over the world, telling the heroic stories of Goku, the earthly and the gods Saiyan survivors of Freeza's destruction of the planet Vegeta.

If currently fans are clamoring for a new Dragon Ball Super saga on the Multiverse, we look to the past and say that, among the various sagas that formed the second series written and created by Toriyama, certainly that of the Saiyans was among the most appreciated. Not only because we discovered new things about Goku's past that had always remained hidden and dark, but we got to know new characters like Tassel, Radish (brother of our hero) and finally the prince Vegeta, who in the future would have entered forcefully into the hearts of fans, to become one of the main characters of the series, just as is currently happening in Dragon Ball Super.

If Vegeta could redeem over time, if he had the opportunity to mature and change with respect to the person he was when he came to earth, it will same privilege Radish and Nappa did not, who instead came killed almost immediately, at the beginning of the saga. Some wonder what the two Saiyans would have been like if they could spend more time on Earth. If they would change to become close allies of our heroes and if Goku and Radish could have established a real brotherly relationship.

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Obviously we would never have these answers, as we could hardly see Goku, Radish and Vegeta together again (the last look on them we had in the film Dragon Ball Super: Broly), so the Twitter artist thought about it Emiya_kellyl to remedy it, creating a fan art that sees i three Saiyans still together, in the afterlife, when Vegeta, by Freeza's hand, passed away.

If you are interested, a fan has shown us what Goku would look like in the God of Destruction version.

What do you think of the fan art that brings together the three Saiyans? Write it below.


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