Dragon Ball Z: Trunks' Burning Attack recreated in a nice stop motion video

The opening lines of the Android Saga by Dragon Ball Z they showed us the arrival on planet Earth of Lord Freeza and his father, King Cold. The plans of the Freeza family were almost immediately stopped by a mysterious character, never seen before, a boy from the future, Trunks, son of Vegeta and Bulma.

The first appearance of Trunks was received in an incredible way by fans, and despite the fact that about 20 years have passed since the episode "The Mysterious Boy", it still remains among the most appreciated characters of the whole work of Akira Toriyama, and has also obtained a saga in Dragon Ball Super. Coming from an alternate timeline, Trunks was able to eliminate the powerful Freezer, turning into Super Saiyan and cutting it with his precious sword.

Only later will we discover the reason that led Trunks to go back to the pastor save Goku, suffering from a serious heart disease that would have killed him over three years, to allow him to defend the world from the threat of androids. Despite his plan, Trunks will discover that the same past has undergone several changes, making the fate of Earth and Goku even more uncertain.

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Given the amazing technique used by Trunks to get rid of Freeza easily, or the Burning Attack, a fan decided to recreate it, frame by frame, in a video stop motion, naturally starring an action figure of Trunks of the Future. You can find the video in question, complete with a comparison with the anime sequence, at the bottom of the news.

Recall that a stop motion video of Goku Vs Vegeta was also recently made.


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