Dragon Ball Z: the clash between Goku and Freeza returns in this fiery fan art

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There are some clashes that have made the history of the shonen manga. And it is little surprising that many of these have been featured in Dragon Ball, manga by Akira Toriyama which is probably the most classic of Japanese comics. A lot of other valuable manga are derived from it, but the epicness of some scenes will never be overcome.

Between historical battles of Dragon Ball you can immediately think of the heated clash between Goku and Freeza on Namec. The planet was the scene of one of the fiercest fights in history: divided into several phases, Goku first attempted to kill the enemy with Spherical Energy, then managed to transform into Super Saiyan due to the anger caused by the death of Kulilin.

This second phase of the clash he saw Freeza hit the core of the planet to detonate it, so as to make sure that the opponent would never have come out alive anyway. This triggered a series of problems on the planet due to the imminent destruction: lava that gushed in streams, destruction and flames everywhere.

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This setting was taken by the fan A_Risso94 who on the subReddit dedicated to Dragon Ball Z posted his reinterpretation of the clash between Goku and Freeza. As you can see below, the image is really fiery and gloomy while the two contenders with a hardened face give it for good reason. The style of course is not the classic one of Akira Toriyama, however the image still manages to be captivating.

The well-known artist Dragon Garow Lee also shared his version of Goku VS Freezer.

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